Founded in 1997 by Mr Shiv Kumar Chaudhary, Pratibha embarked on a journey that began with spinning mills in the Pithampur region. Starting as a modest Spinning Mills venture, Pratibha has since evolved into India's largest sustainable apparel manufacturer and exporter, offering a comprehensive fiber-to-fashion solution. Our growth story encompasses a remarkable transition, now encompassing over 4 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities situated in Central India. With a diverse workforce exceeding 6000 individuals, our operations are seamlessly integrated from top to bottom. Our product range is equally diverse, and our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and environmental sustainability has earned Pratibha a prominent stature as a globally preferred, responsible garment manufacturer.

Our People

Our workforce stands as our most invaluable asset, and our commitment lies in our identity as a people-centric organization. We provide steadfast support to our teams across the entire supply chain – from farms to corporate offices and factory units – enabling them to realize their utmost potential. Our corporate offices in Indore, Pithampur, and farm offices across two states embody progressive workspaces, fostering a culture of individual drive and endorsing innovative thinking. As a Pratibha team member, we dedicate ourselves to presenting continuous learning prospects, empowering you to nurture your growth within the industry."

Value and Culture

To be the global leader in sustainable textile products and practices

Loving workplace


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Plot No 4, Industrial Growth Centre Kheda, Pithampur, District Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA 454774, Mhow-Ghatabillod Rd, Kheda, Pithampur Industrial Area, Madhya Pradesh 454774