Pratibha Syntex Honoured with Jaivik India Award for Direct Farmer Linkage

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Brands and Sourcing Leaders Association, recog … ating sustainable practices in operations 2023
Maximum Manpower Employment Award Large Ind … r of Commerce and Industry 2023
Sustainability Awards in the Expanding Circulari … ation of Indian Textile Industry 2023
Iconic Leadership Award 2023 by Apparel Resource
Pride of Central India award to Mr Shreyaskar Chaudhary Dec 22
Birla Economic & Textile Research Foundation Awards for “Sustainable and Innovative Manufacturing in Textile Mills”in 2020-21. Apr 22
Ryan Young Climate+ Award by Textile Exchange to Mr Shreyaskar Chaudhary 2022
Business Award in Manufacturing & Export Cat … rganized by outcomes delivered 2022
Woolworth Award 2019